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i just had a thought bubble

i think itd be really cool if people submitted thing like short rise against experiences theyve had or something cool about the time they met them or something and ill post it kind of like how i did with the Reasons to Love RA. thoughts about it? 

like if u think i should…or honestly just submit it in my ask since i dont really have a “submit”

let me know! and DONT MAKE IT TOO LONG or i wont be able to fit it

hope ur all doing well :D

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Hey! Live show streamed online in 20 mins at #yahooseries#riseagainst #riseagainstlive http://ift.tt/ZlpfAs

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Shooting the new video!
#tragedy+time http://ift.tt/1sQuqFx

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This video is gonna look awesome! http://instagram.com/p/uLxSXfIUWv/

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#tragedy+time http://instagram.com/p/uL0DAjIUbw/

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Old photo of the guys

Tim: Should I drop him? Naaaaaaah.
Joe: Wtf is that over there
Zach: …
Brandon: Guys there’s a camera

This actually gets even better when you realize that it looks like Brandon’s holding something behind his back
Brandon are you going to stab them all with drumsticks

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So thanks to the lovely people of Radio 104.5 I was able to meet Rise Against tonight for free, just for sitting in line early. We hung out with them and ate vegan pizza and they were the friendliest, most genuine guys ever. Also, me and Zach Blair bonded over how pretty Jared Leto is. They put on an absolutely incredible show as well. Thank you Rise Against for an amazing night.

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I really don’t know what to say. Last night easily became one of the best of my life. And it was completely unexpected.

We got to the venue early, and eventually this woman with iheartradio invited us to go back with Rise Against to have a vegan pizza lunch before the show. Entirely and completely unexpected.

When we were back there, we just got to hang out with the band. They went around introducing themselves to everyone, and took plenty of time to make sure they saw everyone and talked to as many people as they could.

They all remembered me from when we went to the PMA together 3 years ago. And they were so much fun to talk to. It was such a personal experience, as you can see in the pictures of me talking to Zach and Joe. I really got the chance to connect and share with these guys, and they absolutely reciprocated.

When the show was over, Zach hopped down and gave me his setlist, shook my hand, and smiled. It reminded me of how last time I saw them, I made them bracelets, and Zach came over to me and held up his wrist while he was playing to show me he was wearing it.

I’m honestly in complete shock and a state of bliss. I can’t believe how lucky I feel to have a favorite band full of guys who genuinely care. Since meeting them the first time, they’ve made a point to make my own experience really mean something, and each moment is incredible. Some people never even meet their favorite band, but I’ve been lucky enough to spend actual time with mine. They know my name, they remember times we’ve spent together, and they really care. I will never forget or undervalue the amount of kindness and respect these guys perpetuate.

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"We all have kids and nowadays people are shooting up schools… it’s pretty terrifying. As parents, that’s something we want to talk about."

—Brandon Barnes of Rise Against (via kyprioth-rising-against)

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So I got to meet rise against tonight. They’ve been my idols since I was like five so. c: the last time they saw me I was like 6 and passed out on a couch.

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happy birthday brandon barnes!! ♥

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I’d just like to take a moment to say happy birthday to my role model Brandon Barnes, the person who inspired me to learn drums to begin with.
And today my band played a show and I just think that’s a cool way to celebrate his birthday.
I dunno, feelings and shit.

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laurafeatchaz on Deviantart

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There are Brandon Barnes posts all over my dash fuck yes

Happy birthday, you crazy drumming teddy bear!