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My first tattoo design, I still have to smooth some edges out and add some text but it’s a combination of the Rise Against heart and the Anberlin crossed fingers, here is what it means to me!

The Rise Against heart reminds me to always fight for what I want and know that anyone can make a difference to anything or anyone no matter what it is.

The Anberlin crossed fingers remind me to never give up, we don’t know what’s waiting around the corner and that anything can happen, even the smallest gestures can make the saddest person happy.

I also have some handwritten text from Stephen Christian to add to it, this says “Don’t drop your arms, I’ll guard your heart” this is from Anberlin’s song “The Unwinding Cable Car”. This song was the one thing that made me get through what was the most mentally challenging day I have ever had, and now every day since then is thanks to Stephen and the lyrics that he wrote, I will forever be in his debt.

This tattoo is a reminder to keep going no matter what, you will get hurt, but you never know what is waiting for you. Be the best friend you can possibly be!

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the moment where Prayer of the Refugee ends and then segues into Drones… 

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These whereabouts unknown. Please know you can come home. It’s alright! I long for the moment our silence is broken. It’s alright! It’s alright! It’s alright!!!

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Fuck Yeah, Tim McIlrath!

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tim mcilrath’s voice is one of the most precious thing we have in this world

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Risee | via Tumblr on We Heart It.

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sometimes I forget that I love Rise Against.


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DONOTS with Tim McIlrath of Rise Against

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happy? listen to rise against

mad? listen to rise against

sad? listen to rise against

wanna get those weird shiver goose bump things? rise against

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Rise Against - Appeal To Reason

1st pressing/clear

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Rise Against - Endgame

1st pressing/1000 pressed - Clear (Record Store Day 2011 exclusive)

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I’m having a rise against night. Unraveling rise against night, specifically.

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My one regret in life is not looking good in this picture.

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Even if you don’t like Rise Against you have to like Rise Against in one way or another they make songs for issues that need to be addressed and not only that but they take it a step further by supporting people and organizations that are trying to make changes by donating profits from songs or handing out flyers and pamphlets at shows and they’re just a big group of nice guys that want to leave the world a better place than it was when they came into it