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it happens most with him. and I think it has a lot to do with how he writes because he makes it vague where it’s too vague to understand what he’s saying at first and you can relate to it. at least that’s what happens to me

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Rise Against- sept 14th, Sacramento

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have fun everyone going tonight at the wiltern! wish I could join u for night 2. make it a good one!

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the lyric “I am a heart on fire and all the worlds a fuse so don’t get close” just hit me today and I’ve had it on repeat in my head

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o ya. and the set list was fucking awesome! they played a couple from almost ever album instead of it just being the newer one. they even played Reception Fades from The Unraveling which was super fucking rad cuz i was NOT expecting them to play a song from that album. and they played Last Chance Blueprint which is a favorite from RPM!

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  1. kyprioth-rising-against said: Holy fuck you actually met them, that’s awesome. Remember that these guys aren’t in it for the money, they do it for the fans. I really doubt they were anything but glad to see you. They might’ve been tired, maybe, but I’m sure they were glad you w

no i totally know that they wer probly tired. also everybody always wants to talk to tim so its hard getting an actually conversation with him. but at least i was able to go hey great show and its good seeing u guys again. this was my third time and o i saw u at the revival tour. that was great and stuff. u always just feel kind of rushed though which sucks but o well

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met these 3 guys and got my new album signed! unfortunately joe left earlier:( but hey we actually caught Brandon! glad I got to meet them again.

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u never really see how awkward tim still is until ur actually talking to him or maybe im just the awkward one but idk its not like zach where u feel like ur having a conversation. maybe just me cuz im horrible with it haha but idk tim just kind of goes ” ya ya thats fun” or “ya thats awesome” and awknowleges u but doesnt carry it on? also there was other people waiting for him, as always so i got the feeling i was wasting his time or something. but i get that feeling from a lot of people where they dont actually just want to talk to me and just dont like me so idk.

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shows over. kind of got that post concert depression thing going on. totally bummed I didn’t catch a pick because there was a guy next to me bending down to get one I think and thought it was the guy who said he’d give it to me of he got it so didnt think to grab it. fuck me. and I was sorta in a part where people were just standing there. like ur fucking 1st and 2nd at a rise concert and ur just standing there?!?!? wtf. just waiting to see if they’ll come out now :)

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fucking here! really shitty picture but nobody’s even on

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following-my-own-bliss replied to your post:it hasn’t even sunk on yet that I’m going to see…

so so excited for you! I saw them twice last week and they were great!

twice?!?! duuuude!! i wish i could. they are actually playing 2 days but i can only go to 1. too much money and i have a new ish job and school so taking 2 days off wouldnt work :/ but im so excited im even ABLE  to go to 1 so not complaining

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Tim McIlrath is one attractive motherfucker

good looking man rite here ^ personally i think theyre all handsome :)